Who: Dan DeChellis has been  making records for over 25 years. He brings his diverse experience and professionalism to your recording project.

What: Professional keyboard tracks: piano, rhodes, wurlitzer, organ, strings. Comfortable with all styles.

Where / When: Songs will be recorded remotely unless otherwise arranged. I am prompt and quick with turnaround.

Contact: text/voice: 610-780-0892 / dan.dechellis@gmail.com






"Dan is a great keyboard player whose unique style lends itself to stellar studio work. Dan is my "go to guy" for live or remote tracking. Recommended!" Dana Gaynor, Tribe of Friends  

 "I've been fortunate enough to work with Dan on numerous projects for years. The great thing about Dan is that he's a chameleon who can fit himself into any style of music....while always sounding like himself....which is the very quality of an actual artist. He turns tracks around very quickly and always with more than you expected or thought possible. That's the mark of a true professional. You can give him an ornate chart for your music or just tell him you want a certain feel and he's always going to deliver. Anyone who can work with Dan should because he will make your music fully realized and better than you realize it can be. - Chris Cummings, Composer, Producer, Drummer, Educator

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dan on stage as well as hire him for session work. He’s a joy to perform with live and a great hang. Contracting him for sessions has been wonderful from timely delivery of tracks, playing what is needed for the song as well as providing alternate performances that really give myself as a producer, as well as my clients, so many great and creative options on all things piano and keys related….I highly recommend Dan for sessions and live performances. He is an absolute pleasure to work with….Kevin Soffera. Hybrid Studios PA.

"Dan Dechellis is a musical polyglot. He has forgotten more about music than I could ever hope to know. He transitions without hesitation from Jazz to Blues, Country to Rock, Prog to Classical so on and on around the world. He brings this vast knowledge to the studio as well as the stage. As a session musician, Dan is capable of hearing and playing parts that perfectly serve the song. He will study and rehearse with a professionalism that is nearly as impressive as his playing. Dan will wow you. He will bring his encyclopedic knowledge and experience to your project. He will make your music sound better than you ever imagined. If you even THINK that you might want some piano or keyboards on your recording, you need to call Dan." Carter Lansing (singer, songwriter, bandleader with Acoustic Kitty Project"